Junior Match Reports 2015

Throughout the golfing season the County Junior Organiser arranges friendly matches against other counties and other teams (eg Brockenhurst College Boys).  The home matches are played at various courses in Hampshire and the away matches at clubs in the other counties. The girls’ teams for these matches are by invitation from the CJO.  The dates for this year’s matches can be found under “Fixtures” in the right-hand menu.  Reports will be published below as the matches happen.

Hampshire Girls v Brockenhurst College Boys:  Brockenhurst College won 2.5-0.5
This annual match was played on a cold dull day after a beautiful couple of days before.  The format was scratch 4BBB matchplay.  After the first four tee-ed off I discovered that last year the girls had a 2-hole lead for each match, having had a 3-up lead the year before.  Last year the girls won, so maybe we should have had a 1-up lead this year.  Too late – and anyway the players are different each year and this match is always played off scratch. The girls were a bit disadvantaged by the distance the boys could drive and the difference in length between the white and red tees was not that great.  The girls gave me the following reports on their own matches:
Beth Goater & Katy Mackworth-Praed:  We were all square after four holes before Katy holed a 60foot putt on the 5th for a birdie to win that hole.  After a strong start by Hampshire, all square after six and 3up after twelve holes, the Brock pair fought back to be all square after seventeen.  We halved the 18th, so finishing the match all square.
Emma Higgins & Adrian Mylrea:  Throughout the match the score was close and still all square after five holes.  We then lost a couple of holes but were 1up after twelve.  But then the boys brought it back to win 3&2 on the 16th.
Tara O’Herlihy & Amelia Williams:  We had a very tough start, being four down after four holes, but by the twelfth we were 1up.  The 13th was halved, the match was all square after sixteen after Amelia’s amazing 60 yard chip, but just lost the 17th and 18th so lost the match.

A really good effort by the girls, who were at a disadvantage regarding handicaps, and a nice friendly start to the season.  The boys did not have any wayward long shots – which was a pity!  EJ

Hampshire Girls v HLCGA President’s Team
The inaugural Junior Captain team v President’s team took place on 22 March in beautiful sunshine. Seven of our juniors played, ranging in age from 17 to 10. After the late withdrawal of Charlotte Dack due to illness, Elke Jackson, Junior organisor took her place, playing on the Presiden’ts team with Sophie Robinson, Junior Captain at The Hampshire GC. Eleanor Kingston from Blackmoor was moved to the Captains team.The format was 4BBB off full handicap difference, and some of us regretted that we had not put it at ¾ difference!
In the first game Emma Higgins, County Junior Captain, from Highcliffe Castle GC won the match with a 20 foot putt on the par four16th.  In the second game Nancy Fenton from Cams Hall Estates GC and playing partner, Ann Younger, County Secretary and Botley Park past Captain, were 3 up on the 15th, but Maddy Ripiner ( Meon ValleyGC) and Eleanor Kingston ( Blackmoor GC) fought back, with Maddy sinking a 10 foot putt on the 18th to halve the match.
Stars of the afternoon were the two 10 year olds, Olivia Ripiner( Meon Valley) and Brooke MacArthur ( Wellow) Playing against Sophie Robinson and Elke Jackson, they matched the drives, and played some fantastic  golf . Olivia was the only one who did not land her ball in the pond on the 9th, and finished with a net birdie. Sophie chipped in from the bunker on the 15th for  a sandy par to win the hole. The youngsters were always just behind, or square, until 16th. They then proceeded t o play some very accurate shots, and won the next 3 holes to win the match 2 up. On the 18th Olivia bombed her ball out of the lake  to allow a good result for the hole.
With many of our low handicap players away on other training and playing duties , it was good to see the depth of skill in the Junior girls, and what great prospects we have.

Hampshire Girls v Sussex Girls:  Won 4½-2½
The matches were pretty even and the players well matched.  Adrian was 1up after seven, 1dn after nine, still 1dn after sixteen, and then pulled back to halve the match.  Captain Emma Higgins played her usual steady game.  After hitting the green for two on the part 5 ninth hole she was 2up at the turn and maintained that position to the end.  Another close game was Tarals, which went to the last putt.  Shai-Emily Carter played a good game and was 2up after nine and dormie on the seventeenth.  Maddy made a slow start and was 4dn at the turn.  She did not let this put her off her game, and managed to maintain this position until she was dormie 4dn.  Georgina had a good front nine, turning 1dn.  She was still 1dn after eleven, lost the twelfth, and then her opponent picked up the pace and Georgina lost on the fifteenth.
A mention must be made of Nancy Fenton, who had originally been selected as a reserve then stepped into the team ten days before the game.  Sadly she was the one to miss out when Sussex found out on the morning of the game that they were down to six girls – too late to mobilise their reserve and Nancy’s game was off.  She very gamely played a Stableford with Olivia Ripiner, who had come to watch her sister play but had been alerted to have her clubs in the car just before she set off for Waterlooville.  EJ
Hampshire Girls v Sussex Girls 2015 Match Sheet

Hampshire Girls v Oxfordshire Girls
Another great win for Hampshire. Oxfordshire had indicated early on that they would struggle for a team, because of public Exams. They managed a team of 6, and Hampshire fielded some of their “B” team to accommodate some of the higher handicaps.  Hampshire still had to give 48 shots, which is a massive amount.
Beware the Sat Nav for finding anything near Basingstoke.  Emma Higgins was on target to arrive 2 hours before her tee time, and made it with 10 minutes to go, leaving very little time for a warm up.  Apparently our team Captain does not get phased. Her first tee shot on the dog leg left was so good that she hit the green in 2. After being 2 up at the 9th and the 14th, Emma came in with a win of 1 up.Maddy Ripiner was ahead for most of the game, and team mate Georgina Carter , having to give 16 shots, had a tough task ahead. After being 1 down at the 8th, she got to 1 up at the 14th, and with some great play, won 3 and 1. Becca Mackworth-Praed had an equally tough task, having to give 15 shots.  By the ninth Becca was 4 down. After that she stayed relatively level, but lost 5 and 4, never having managed to recover from her original losses. Sophie Robinson, playing 12 year old Alysha Franklin got off to a shakey start, and by the 8th was 4 down.  She calmly continued her game, clawing back some points and was 1 down coming into the 17th where she had to give a shot.  She halved this, leaving herself dormy 1 down for the final hole. There was  a bit of good luck for Allysha, who put her ball into GUR over the green, to find that the drop zone was in shorter grass and nearer the green than her original shot.  The girls halved the hole, but it meant Sophie lost by the closest margin. 11 year old  Olivia Ripiner, in  her first match for the county , and her first season with a handicap, finished the first half 2 up, and continued her winning streak with a fantastic birdie on the par 4, 15th hole with a water hazard to win the match 4&3.
It was fantastic to see our players returning with such good results.  Last year we won 4.5 to 2.5, so to retain the same margin with a smaller team was excellent. There certainly is some up and coming talent in the county. EJ
Junior Girls v Oxfordshire Girls 2015 Match Sheet

Hampshire Girls v Wiltshire Girls:  Lost 4-3
Hampshire were at a disadvantage as we only had 6 players.  The Ripiners cancelled 2 days before the game for family reasons, and although I tried 3 more people to play, Club Championships for 2 of them, and a previous engagement for the other meant we had to go with 6.
We had to give shots on all the games, which was a bit daunting particularly for Becca, giving 11 shots.There was some great play, and 2 of the games going to 18th.
Becca must have been the star of the afternoon when, being all square on 17th, she chipped in for a par on the 18th from about 40 feet to win the game.Adrian was all square after 14th ,  dormie 2 down after 16th, had to give a shot on the 17th, which was her undoing.
Megan Graham from Guernsey had flown over the previous day (with her grandparents) for the match.  Hers was a close game. All square after 7, 1 up after 12, and finally lost on the 18th .
Milly Williams, also giving 6 shots, was 2 up after 7 holes, and never lost this lead.
For Georgina Carter, the 8 shot difference proved to much for her, putting her under pressure when playing a girl who could hit the ball as far as she could. She lost holes at the beginning of the game, then settled after the 8th, to play a level game, but the damage was done.
Beth Goarter was playing the Malbourough Junior Captain.  Knowledge of the course was no help for Tash, with Beth in her steady form quietly winning holes, and the match in style.  This gave the pair plenty of time to drive round the course catching up on the play of the others.
Junior Girls v Wiltshire Girls 2015 Match Sheet

Hampshire Girls v Surrey Girls

Hampshire Girls v Liphook GC Ladies

Hampshire Girls v Dorset Girls

Hampshire Girls v Basingstoke GC Ladies

Hampshire Girls v Botley Park GC Ladies