President v Juniors

Match Report: Junior Captain’s team vs President’s team

Juniors v Committee

17th February at Hockley Golf Club

A rather wet day at Hockley kicked off the first match in the Hampshire season with the Juniors taking on a team from the Hampshire committee, captained by our new County President, Jackie Keay.

There were 14 players, with Emma Higgins, past junior captain and Charlotte Dack joining the president’s team after a last minute reshuffle to the order of play.

Jackie Keay, our new County President acted as the starter, which gave some gravitas to the occasion.

We played 4BBB off 90% handicap difference.  I think Kay Walshe , county Vice Captain, and I who each  played as a team of 1,  could have done with partners to dovetail when our play was not at it most impressive!  The juniors played brilliantly, with the 9 year olds matching the drives of the adults.

From the point of view of the President’s side, too many juniors had pars or birdies. Sadly, play was curtailed by the weather, and only 1 group played 13 holes, whilst the other groups played 10.  Clearly, the fewer holes meant that matches which still had some life in them after  7 holes were lost or won at that stage. Final result, Juniors won 3½ to ½ .  Last year the President’s team managed a ½ too.  Revenge next year!!!

The match tea rounded off a good start to the Junior season.

Players were:

Junior team: Ciara Stocks, Georgina Carter (acting Junior Captain), Olivia Ripiner, Brooke MacArthur, Olivia McTigue, Hannah Hellyer, Stevie Crozier-Hunt, Gemma Burgess.

President’s team: Jane Scott (County Captain), Emma Higgins (past Junior Captain), Ann Younger (Secretary), Charlotte Dack,  Kay Walshe (County Vice Captain), Elke Jackson (CJO).