2nd Team v Berkshire

There’s something about watching golf rather than actually participating particularly when you feel a responsibility for the team who are playing that makes the whole experience quite stressful!

Our Hampshire Second Team hosted Berkshire at Tylney Park on Thursday 21st April on a dry Spring day. Tylney made us all so welcome with the Ladies Vice Captain Gerry Geddes coming to welcome us and see us off from the first tee. Fortunately she was not around at the end of the morning foursomes which we lost 3-0. Not a good start. A visit from Tylneys President Susie Snell and support from our County President Jackie Keay obviously did the trick as the afternoon singles matches were a different story. Louise Caplen came in with a win of 6+4 closely followed by Adrian Mylrea who won 5+4. Judie Lewis followed this with a 3+2 win. So now we had lost three and won three! Janet Cuschieri won in front of a growing crowd round the 17th green 2+1. But then Berkshires strongest player beat Sue Lewis so suddenly the score was 4 all. Could Di Oram clinch the win?

Of course she could…….on the 18th to win 1 up.

What a day and this was only a friendly.

In case you couldn’t follow all that Hampshire won 5-4. Well done team.