Important Announcement

COVID-19 Update

Following our announcement on 17 March regarding the impact of COVID-19 on scheduled HLG activities, the HLG Board has met (virtually) to explore the possibility of salvaging the HLG calendar for 2020.  We have agreed that all HLG activities up to and including 7 June 2020 should still be cancelled; the date has been revised to fall in-line with England Golf’s directive. This includes the Foursomes’ Championship, County Championship Week, Veterans’ Championship and all team matches and training.  Further, we have reluctantly agreed that the Stoneham Cup Knock-Out competition will not take place this year and we will re-draw for 2021 in September.

Refunds will be issued to all players who have already entered the 3 championship events scheduled before 7 June.  If the situation improves over the next couple of months and both government restrictions and England Golf directives are relaxed, we will look to resume our schedule, starting with the Mixed Greensomes competition (scheduled for 8 June) and re-instate both the North Hants Trophy (NHT) and the Knight Cup, with revised deadline dates. The NHT Plate competition is however cancelled.   To clarify, please do not arrange any matches until you receive confirmation that these KO competitions have been reinstated.  

As you can all appreciate, the situation remains uncertain and we face the possibility of cancelling even more HLG activities.  We will continue to monitor and review and will work in consultation with our neighbouring counties’ golf governing bodies to clarify the way forward.

In the meantime, stay safe and well

Debbie Tapply (County Captain)