Some good news at last

Some good news at last! The HLG Autumn Meetings are going ahead in September and early October (with the usual caveats applicable to COVID-19) and the revised entry form is on the website now – click on the link below.
If you haven’t entered the Division 2 meeting at Petersfield on Friday 11th September or the Division 1 at Brokenhurst Manor on Thursday 1st October now is your chance for just £15. There may be a ballot if oversubscribed with entrants and those who have already entered will receive a refund of £15 as there will be NO food included on the day.

Good news for clubs too, the Hull Shield, HLG’s oldest Trophy, has been rescheduled to Thursday October 8th at Rowlands Castle Golf Club. DELEGATES – please ensure your clubs enter by 17th September. See the link for the entry form.