Hull Shield 2020 – Results

Like something from the movie “The Perfect Storm”, 80 brave souls ventured to Rowlands Castle Golf Club this morning to represent their clubs in the Hull Shield.

The rain lashed down and the wind howled like a hurricane. Golf trollies blew over and umbrellas disappeared from view.  In short conditions were tough!!

The worthy winners of the Hull Shield 2020 are the North Hants pairing of Eilean Cunningham and Georgina Carter with a very respectable score of 160. Interestingly Eilean was part of the winning Hull Shield pair way back in 1995, which was before Georgina was born!!!!  Congratulations both the young and not so young.

The other results are :

2nd (OCB) with 162 from Sandford Springs – Orla Hendron and Amanda Blunden

3rd (OCB) with 162 from Barton on Sea – Nicky Kay and Cheryl Noble

4th (OCB) with 162 from Portsmouth – Hazel Quarrington and Teresa Paffett

5th (OCB) with 163 from Alresford – Jane Scott and Sarah Farthing

6th (OCB) with 163 from Corhampton – Denise Shaw and Tammy Andrews

Grateful thanks to all at Rowlands Castle, despite the weather the course was in great condition in particular the greens.

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