AGM Questions

We invited Delegates to submit questions for our recent AGM and as promised, we are pleased to provide the answers below.

The questions broadly fell into 2 categories, with several being received on the subject of Handicap limits for future competitions.

Handicap Limits

With the advent of the World Handicap System (WHS) we have reviewed the limits for all future competitions.  A players Handicap Index (HI) will determine eligibility for each competition in the future with the player’s Course Handicap and / or Playing Handicap to be used based on the Slope rating for the course being played.  Competition Rules for the various inter-club competitions are now available on the website.  The most common questions received have been in relation to Stoneham Cup and you will see from the updated Rules (click here for rules), that the HI limit is 24.0 for next year’s competition.  Specific HI limits for the various individual competitions will be available on the entry form.

Use of Caddies during Covid-19

Currently our Inter Club Competitions – General Conditions, Rule 14 states that caddies are allowed.  England Golf guidance as of December 2020 states that caddies may be used provided group sizes do not exceed those specified by Government.  We will continue to review the situation in line with guidance from England Golf and the UK Government as we move towards the start of next season and make any decisions based on the situation at the time.  Clubs will be advised of any changes if they are appropriate.

You can view the minutes from this year’s AGM here >>