Inter-Club Knockout Competitions Update

Following the Government’s welcome decision for golf to return on 29th March, many clubs are already asking us whether our scheduled inter-club competitions, namely Stoneham Cup, Knight Cup and the North Hants Trophy, will go ahead this year. 

We are very much guided by England Golf’s helpful roadmap for the return to golf shown here Roadmap for the return to golf infographic – England Golf.  This advises that club/regional/county competitions and tournaments can go ahead from 29th March and therefore we are still planning on our inter-club competitions taking place.  That said, we appreciate that most clubs are quite rightly focussing on putting their members first and are not permitting guests, societies or matches to take place during the immediate period after our return to golf.  This does ‘squeeze’ the amount of time left to play first round or group stage matches, but with some flexibility and good will from all clubs in rescheduling match dates, we believe it is still possible to run the competitions. You will note that we have already extended the deadline dates for the Knight Cup and North Hants Trophy (see links below with updated draw sheets and play by dates released in our previous update on 20th February).

Stoneham Cup >>

Knight Cup >>

North Hants Trophy >>

In the first instance, please contact your opposing team captains to reschedule matches, where necessary. 

England Golf has updated it’s Play Safe, Stay Safe guidelines which can be viewed via the following link.   A-Framework-for-Playing-Golf-29-Mar.pdf (  In addition to this please ensure you inform your opponents of any local rules you may have in place which they should be aware of.  We suggest you consider using the following guidelines to help keep players and caddies safe:

On the day procedures:

  • Captains meet in match car park / designated outside sitting area 1 hour before first tee time to exchange match lists and scorecards etc;
  • Captains will notify their players of their respective tee times in advance – therefore players will arrive in the match club car park at an agreed period before their tee time.
  • Every club  in the division will have agreed in advance its catering offering – hopefully each one will be able to provide “takeaway” drinks for players on arrival which (weather allowing) players can enjoy in the club’s outside sitting area.
  • Players may warm up on the putting green no more than 20 minutes before their tee time.
  • Players meet at the first tee, adhering to social distancing, and play their match following established EG rules of play.
  • After play, any match meal / drinks to be consumed in line with government guidelines.
  • Captains will follow social distancing rules to complete match the result documentation, before departing.
  • According to ongoing social distancing car sharing is not allowed.

If you are having real difficulties in rescheduling your fixtures, please contact Judy Ames, Knockout Competitions Secretary at the earliest opportunity to enable us to take an informed view of the way ahead.