Autumn Meeting Div 1 – North Hants GC – Tuesday 5th October

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Autumn Div 1 Results

Div 1 Full results

There can be no better place to be on a crisp, bright but chilly autumnal morning than the glorious North Hants GC, especially if your role was to welcome the 73 women players from across the county of Hampshire, in the warm and plush surroundings of the very comfortable clubhouse.

Bobble hats were a necessity first thing and the only trace of the very early morning storm was a few puddles in bunkers. Surprisingly some women were still bravely wearing shorts and skorts – I salute you! Despite a serious 4 car accident on the A3 all players arrived to play and were more than eager to take on the many challenges of the excellent North Hants course. The sun shone, the wind picked up, the clouds burst from time to time and conditions were tough, however the current President of HLG, Chris Quinn from Hockley GC, showed that when the going gets tough the tough gets going. Playing to her handicap Chris recorded a special 77 gross and 73 nett score. This was enough for Chris to win both the Overall Best Gross prize and Overall Best Nett prizes, Chris has a great future in golf after this scoring!!

The Autumn Meeting also awards an Aggregate Gross trophy and an Aggregate Nett trophy, based on the scores at this Autumn Meeting and also the “Spring” medal round during the County Championships in May the same year.   This year Kerry Smith from Waterlooville GC won the Aggregate Gross Trophy with a score of 156 and Jane Palmgren from Stoneham GC won the Aggregate Nett Trophy with a score of 154.

There were prizes galore as we split the field into 3 categories and congratulations to all who won a prize voucher as follows-:

Category 1
1st Gross with 78 was Louise Caplen from Stoneham GC
2nd Gross with 81 was Kerry Smith from Waterlooville GC
3rd Gross with 88 was DIane Oram from Basingstoke GC
1st Nett with 76 was Sarah Deacon from Basingstoke GC
2nd Nett with 77 was Alex Sutherland from Meon Valley GC

Category 2
1st Nett with 74 was Esther Miller from Meon Valley GC
2nd Nett with 79 was Judy Ames from Royal Winchester GC
3rd Nett with 80 was Bridget Stow from Stoneham GC
1st Gross with 92 was Debbie Burrell from Weybrook Park GC
2nd Gross with 95 was Jose Kellenberger from Hockley GC

Category 3
1st Nett with a 75 was Nicola Moreton from Ryde GC IOW
2nd Nett with a 80 was Margaret Smith from Royal Winchester GC
3rd Nett with a 81 was Kay Warner from Hockley GC
1st Gross with a 98 was Liz Williams from Alresford GC
2nd Gross with a 99 was Susan Cox from Ryde GC IOW

Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all participants for getting involved and playing North Hants GC.  HLG would like to extend a grateful thanks to North Hants GC for hosting this event and making everyone feel so welcome. The staff at North Hants were incredibly supportive and accommodating as this contributed to an excellent day for all.

2021 Autumn Meeting Div 1 Winners