Club Delegate

2020 AGM

The AGM may take place at MEON VALLEY GC on Wednesday 9th December 2020 at 2pm.  Latest 7th September – this may be a virtual meeting – tba

2019 AGM – Download the minutes here>>  (23.12.19)

Hampshire Ladies Golf- Download the HLG minutes here>>  (23.12.19)

At the above inaugural meeting, all Club Delegates were asked to complete a Form of Invitation agreeing to become a Voting Member of Hampshire Ladies Golf.  Please download the form, complete and return as advised.

ACTION PLEASE If no acceptance form is received, YOUR CLUB IS INELIGIBLE TO VOTE

The Articles of Association for HLG can be viewed/downloaded here>>

2018 HLCGA AGM – Download the meeting minutes >>


This will NOT take place on Friday 2nd October 2020. 

New date being arranged for Spring 2021

2019 Club Delegates’ Meeting –  Download the 2019 meeting minutes >>

2018 Club Delegates’ Meeting –  Download the 2018 meeting minutes >>


Each of our Affiliated Clubs nominates an HLG Club Delegate.  This is the vital point of contact through which HLCGA disseminates all its news and information to clubs.  Delegates’ Meetings are held during the year and Club Delegates are able to vote at HLG Annual General Meetings.

Download the Club Delegate job description >> Updated 17th September 2020