Stoneham Cup

On this page you’ll find details of this year’s Stoneham Cup competition including the rules, draw, results tables and link to submit a result. 

Full report of the semi-finals and finals day at North Hants GC on 22nd September can be seen here

2022 Stoneham Cup Draw

Details of the quarter final draw can be found here.

Congratulations the Alresford, Barton on Sea, Sandford Springs and Stoneham on winning their quarter final matches. The draw for the semi-finals, to be played at North Hants GC on Thursday 22nd September, is as follows:-

Alresford v Barton on Sea

Stoneham v Sandford Springs

Information for spectators – the morning semi-final matches will start at 8.30 am and the final will be at approximately 2.15 pm.

Download the Stoneham Cup match result sheet here >>
Please note, the signed copy of this form should be retained by the team captain in case of any subsequent dispute.

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Read the Stoneham Cup rules here >>